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Interview with Programme Committee member: Myriam Vanneste

Interview with Programme Committee member: Myriam Vanneste – Centexbel – University of Leuven

– Biography; can you please tell us something about yourself and your expertise?

I am a chemist with background in polymer chemistry (obtained my PhD at the KULeuven, BE). I started at Centexbel as a researcher to use this knowledge in extrusion and yarn engineering. Dyeing behaviour of yarns (e.g. PA6) in relation to the processing steps (extrusion, heatsetting) was an important research topic. At present I run the research group related to functionalisation of textiles by means of coating, finishing and dyeing. Sustainability is the leitmotif throughout our research. Natural colours are being used for colouring the coatings and dyeing textiles.

– What can the visitors of the conference expect from your speech or presentation?

My speech will deal with processes being used for the dyeing of textiles, the way to produce dye formulations, results obtained, problems that have been tackled as well as challenges that remain to enable dyeing of textiles with biocolours being used as a fully industrial process.

– What are you hoping for and what are your expectations of the conference?

The conference should make clear what the state of the art is nowadays on the development and use of biocolours. This will enable companies to decide whether the current colour technologies are at this point usable in their products. It should also point out where there is still need for improvement, further investigation.

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