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Address: Havenplein 5 1721 CA Broek op Langedijk The Netherlands

Organizing this international network event will expand our knowledge on natural dyes

Dr. ir. G.C.H. Derksen is one of the initiators of this Biocolours Conference. Her goal is to share knowledge on this topic, to build an international network and to combine science and business. Derksen is also one of the speakers during the conference. Currently Derksen runs the research group Biobased Products at the Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy (part of Avans University of Applied Sciences and HZ University of Applied Sciences).


Derksen: “The work we carry out by the Research Group Biobased Products focuses on the stability of secondary metabolites in non-food products. One example is research into the identification, isolation and modification of natural colourants and their application. Such as chemical dyes for products like textiles. These natural colourants can replace the substances currently used to colour non-food products. The colouring agents used today are all of petrochemical origin and are virtually non-biodegradable.”

Dr. ir. G.C.H. (Dorien) Derksen obtained her PhD 2001 at Wageningen University in Bio-organic Chemistry. The topic of her thesis was analysis and isolation of anthrachinons from madder, a natural colourant used in textile. After her PhD she worked with Numico Research and Purac. From 2005 to 2016 she was the Research Director at  Rubia Natural Colours responsible forsetting up the facilities and research and development. Rubia Natural Colours produced 150 tonnes natural colours annually. 2011 she was appointed as Professor Biobased Products at the Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy.

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